fat, thrifty, and colorful

I dress for comfort first, color second, and style third; but I only buy from thrift stores and the rare clearance rack. I want to chart out my style and get to know my body at the same time.

Top: hand-me-down from a friend (brand: old navy) emblem by me and a friend.
Skirt: thrifted (brand: unknown)

Top: thrifted (brand unknown)
Skirt: thrifted (brand: MKM Designs) tie-dyed by me (incomplete!)

top: thrifted (brand: Mix & Co)
skirt: thrifted (brand: Studio West)

top: thrifted (brand: Faded Glory)
skirt: thrifted (brand: 6degrees)

top: thrifted (brand: Faded Glory)
skirt: thrifted (brand: NY Invasion)

nope, not colorful — but if you don’t break your own rules occasionally, what are you even doing with your life?

top: thrifted (brand: Pink Line)
skirt: thrifted (brand: Lane Bryant)

both SO comfy!

top: thrifted (brand: Company One Woman)
skirt: thrifted (brand: Rafael Woman)

I love the details on this shirt and the way it looks on my breasts.

overshirt: thrifted (brand: Tangents) splash-dyed by me
top: clearance rack at Walmart (brand: Faded Glory)
skirt: thrifted (brand: Kommotion NY)

(dunno why I have such a grumpface on, pls ignore)

top: thrifted (brand Old Navy)
skirt: thrifted (brand Zero Zero Woman, weird name!) I think maybe the previous owner bought it white and tie dyed it themselves. Thanks stranger!

Kanika wants to know what is so damn interesting about the mirror.

top: thrifted (brand JTB)
skirt: thrifted (brand For The Republic)

I’m including brand info because 1) I want to see if there are any patterns and 2) if you really love something you might be able to find it on ebay for cheap using the brand to search.

my cat Kanika has apparently decided that this is an interesting project and will likely be making regular appearances.